Frequently Ask Questions

A: There is a flat fee per business listing-you can choose a one-time payment or a monthly payment plan.

Yes, we only have one sales professional per site–you get complete exclusivity for as long as they want it.

You probably could! However do you want a turnkey solution or a patched together site that needs your constant attention?

You are a sales professional who should focus on what you do best and continue to nurture your relationships. And let us run the backend–however if you want to do the operations site–you can do so–it’s an option.

One of our staff searches out local content and also creates shout outs to spotlight the local businesses featured on your Influencer website.

There are numerous options!

1. Local sponsors have a variety of reasons to promote your Influencer site!

  • You can promote their websites on your social media.

2. Each site’s SEO improves over time, so when people search for something in the area, whether it’s a local shop or a local dentist your Influencer site will come up! 

3. To help Agent Boomer become a household name, the team here employs social media, press releases, email marketing, and other methods.

4. The larger our network becomes, and the more cities we enter, the more people become aware of Agent Boomer.

Agent Boomer develops websites already for local business owners so when asked by a local Realtor about increasing their brand awareness we built them a local site based on showcasing business owners they knew personally and had supported.

Because this worked so well the site grew into a full-fledged website to support the whole city and included most of the main types of businesses in the city.

And so the local Influencer website “Support Local\Shop Local” began.

The influencer site gave them a reason to call or visit the businesses,  the non-profits, schools and local government offices.

The offer to promote local businesses with free advertising and low-cost video marketing went over extremely well.

And by showcasing businesses already on the website with social media coverage it was a bonus was created for everyone.

Today the network  of influencer sites continues to grow– some are still available and can be seen here on the website– these Influencer websites are waiting for their Sponsors to leverage them.  And become the ultimate  resource for their profession and at the same time grow their brand awareness by helping the local community.